Who we are

The International Bedaux Institute (Bedaux) is the successor of the Chas. E. Bedaux Company, that started 1916 in Cleveland, USA. IBI also is the holder of the registered Bedaux Brand Name and Logo.

Bedaux stimulates professional activities in the expert domain of Work Study, establishes the fundamentals of Standard Bedaux Practice.

Bedaux actively encourages, supports and facilitates the exchange of expertise and experience between Work Study professionals worldwide.

Bedaux does not work as an operational consultancy company directly for clients. We will be more than happy, however, to bring you into contact with Bedaux qualified consultants.

Today, Bedaux - the International Bedaux Institute - is a boutique consultancy. Meaning that we are there to exploit opportunities that are too specialized, too small or even too impossible for the large consultants of our world. We have got the time, the experience and above all the spirit to do this.

Our mission is centered around Process Improvement. What can we do to stimulate thought, develop skills and radiate inspiration for those professionals that are, like us, searching for innovative ways and means to improve the effect of human efforts?

Fostering the Bedaux heritage for us is one way to do this. Developing new concepts and tools is another way.