Bedaux developers and facilitators for learning by doing develops business games according to an own innovative concept.

Dynamics, tension, physical activity and creativity are the basis for our serious games, in which participants are encouraged to experiment with business processes, leadership and teamwork. The business games are developed for companies and service organizations, for groups of 5 to 25 participants. For larger groups parallel or sequential games can be organized. In almost all games, participants are constructing products in accordance with customer order specifications. Participants collect information and parts to fulfill those orders in teamwork.

Upon request, a game can be developed or adapted fully tailored to the objectives, culture and processes of the client company.

Why should you play a serious game?

  • Just for Fun: educational business event
  • Brainstorm session
  • "Align noses"
  • Support organizational development
  • Training in leadership
  • Develop process oriented culture

Group Dynamics

  • Teamwork
  • Learning by Doing
  • Instruct and Inspire
  • Competitive and exciting
  • Standardized scoring matrix, results are evaluated and basis for improvement, group results can be benchmarked with other groups

The choice is yours:

  • play a single time or a few times, fully supported by us
  • play on a regular basis, as part of your strategic program, fully supported by us, where we cooperate intensively with your trainers
  • play on a regular basis, as part of your strategic program, where we provide the training and accreditation of your own game facilitators